My Top Ten Anthems

Among My Top Ten Anthems are songs both national and regional—most official, but some not; some sentimental favorites, but others based solely on the beauty of the music. Click on the hymn titles to hear the song.

Honorable Mention: Ich kenne ein Land (I Know of a Land) is the state song of Hesse, the German state which contains Frankfurt am Main & Wiesbaden.

10. Schweizerpsalm (Swiss Psalm) is not, I understand, particularly well loved of the people who sing it. But I adore the music and the text moves me deeply. The above link is in German; here it is in French. and here’s the music with the written Italian text. The German emphasis is definitely on

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Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness, a Pentecost hymn to the Holy Spirit by James Manley.